Christine in Phoenix is Great, and your Phoenix DRIVER was wonderful. Great customer service!

Thank you for all your help!

Jim Stith, Sav On Flowers Tucson - February 11, 2016

Mellano and Co. always provides beautiful, fresh and high quality flowers. I also appreciate their wonderful customer service and I am especially thankful for my sales rep Claudia. She always goes above and beyond giving great advice, and design suggestions. She is the best!

Alison Baughman, Owner at New Creation Floral Design - October 26, 2015

Great location in central Phoenix with terrific help from Dawn each and every time! She has been helping me for over 10 years. Always have a tremendous selection, fresh and the perfect for the Season. They go above and beyond to get me exactly what I need every time I step inside the door. All staff are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Great quality and so happy to have Mellano & Co. in Phoenix!! Thank YOU!!

Lisa Corey, HealthCare Marketing/Sales - December 28, 2015

John has been our rep for the past year or so and he is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He has gotten to know us well and finds us unique and interesting flowers to sell in the store. He has a very wide array of knowledge and is professional!

Alicia Tomlin & Robin Weiner, Owners Mulberry Row - November 9, 2015

I would just like to send a BIG THANK YOU to Dawn in the Phoenix AZ. I had ordered some lavender for my daughter’s wedding and when it came in it was not pretty. Dawn went above and beyond to get the lavender for my daughters wedding. I can’t express enough how grateful we are for her being so helpful and kind.

Ivy Crowther - February 5, 2016

Claudia is my go to person~she is fabulous! She goes out of her way to get whatever I need, and the quality is always fresh. She is also very knowledgeable about new varieties and colors of flowers. I really appreciate that! Thank you~Claudia!! I know that I will always get great service from any of the staff at Mellano

Diane Reichenbach, owner whimsey florals - November 2, 2015

A few months after you moved to the current location in Carlsbad, CA I was browsing in the cooler when Joe came in & introduced himself. I realized all the staff are new & friendly . . .at the time, I was working with 2 larger stores there but their services were not very impressive & messed up a couple of my weddings!

So in September 2014 I tried Joe. He assigned Reyna as my sales rep & I started ordering with Mellano for most of my weddings & corporate events ever since. Wow, I was impressed! The flowers were always there waiting for me, Joe & the staff have been CONSISTENTLY so efficient & helpful, and he even helped us to load my SUV! Reyna is always there to take my orders and help me. Thanks Reyna!!

Now, I email in my orders & feel confident that all will be taken care of. I spread the word to my designers’ friends about the good service your company provides. I don’t have a lot of time to write reviews but my husband & I thought Mellano should know what great assets you have in Joe & his staff.

Lily Banks - November 30, 2015

I wanted to share my gratitude for my sales rep at Mellano. Being very new to the industry… He has always taken time to assist me in product purchases as well as giving us knowledge and understanding of what we buy and suggestions for design. He is extremely patient considering I am sure to be his last minute call with an order that I wanted “yesterday” 🙂 Thank you Russ! I can also call him to just “fill the cooler”, and I am always guaranteed a lovely variety of fresh, quality flowers and color combos that our designers love to use and more importantly, arrangement variety to make our customers happy too! He goes beyond the call to service our shop and is equally interested in our success making himself available always. Thank you for great customer service and advice! The whole team at Mellano is so wonderful to work with…Thank you for all that you do for The Porch!

Charlene Udall, Owner of The Front Porch Flowers & Gifts - November 6, 2015

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an incredible staff you have. From drivers to sales people, they are all so very helpful and polite. Being a new and smaller shop it is important to me to know that I am receiving quality assistance and care on my orders.

I have recently given Rafael several large orders last minute and he has come through each and every time. An example is just two days ago I alerted him to a possible large order (for my shop anyways) and he started checking into it right away. Yesterday early morning I received a call from him and he let me know what he was able to do right away. I did not receive confirmation on the order from the customer until almost 5pm last night and he was right on it and when I arrived this morning, I had packing lists, questions and resolutions to items I need for this order.

Again, I wanted to thank you for all for all of your hard work and incredible customer service.

Debbie Miller, Wolz Flowers and Gifts - October 15, 2015


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