September 21, 2012

by Michael Daniels

Coxcomb are easy to grow, long lasting- and beautiful. Did you know that one good-sized crown of Coxcomb can produce hundreds of seeds? Why throw them away? Re-plant, store for next year, or give to friends!

The seeds of the Coxcomb are tiny black-gray rectangle shapes that are located under the crown of the flower. To test if the seed development is complete, place a piece of white paper under the neck of the plume and scrape the seeds with a spoon or a fingernail. Seed development is complete when the seed falls readily on to the paper.

Snip the cockscomb plume away from the plant. Take care not to disturb the seeds. Allow the cockscomb seeds to dry completely by placing the plume on a large piece of white paper in a cool, dry place. This process can take several days or a few weeks, depending on the humidity level.

Shake the dried plume over the white paper to release the seeds. If the seeds do not shake out easily, scrape the seeds away from the plume using a spoon or a dull butter knife. Store the seeds in a paper envelope or glass jar in a cool, dry place. Use the seeds within two growing seasons to ensure viability.