September 4, 2012

by Michael Daniels

You can use Litatris as a support structure for soft-stemmed flowers, and as a dramatic design element. The floral trellis can lend itself to a garden or contemporary design. Liatris holds best in water but can be used as a stake or part of a structure.

How to make the trellis – Take one bunch of Liatris and fan it out flat on your work surface. Reinforce the bottom rubber band with a second band, or I like to use zip ties. Take 2 pieces of rivercane or bamboo and put one under the fanned Liatris and one directly sandwiched on top. Secure each cane with a zip tie or wire it together. Then hide your mechanics with raffia. And there you go! Whether used as a design element or as a support structure, it’s a real eye-catcher!