Beauty Of Flowers


For every expression we want to convey, there is a flower we can use to speak our minds, from “Thank you,” and “I love you,” to “I’m sorry,” or “I’m here for you.” We regularly use the world’s diverse family of plants to breath beauty and aroma into any occasion, incorporating flowers in once-in-a-lifetime events, while also placing them in our everyday lives to break up the mundane. Flowers are a constant source of reliance and beauty in a life of constant change. 


Nine-to-five workers around the world surround themselves with plants like violets, palms and daisies to illuminate their offices and break up the monotony of a long, draining workday. Flowers can block draining fluorescent lights and pale wallpaper, giving us the comfort we need to finish any long to-do list and allowing us to pursue tasks with a positive and confident attitude. 


We also use a variety of flowers to capture the emotion of our celebrations. At weddings, the vibrant colors of roses and tulips display the vivid power of love, while at graduations; radiant irises can light up an arena with the colors of school pride.

Through all our lives, even during a celebration of life, a beautiful bouquet of lilies can remind us that there’s light to be seen, even in the darkest times. These flowers can help us remember the beauty of our loved one’s life, and the bright impression they left on the world. 


It isn’t coincidental that flowers have become synonymous with the vibrancy of life, because they’re inherently essential to all life on earth. Their natural beauty will always draw our attention, but it’s their life-giving nature that gives flowers their symbolic power and ultimately reminds us why they’re so important to our everyday lives. 


Here at Mellano and Company, we’re not just in the flower business; we’re in the beauty business. That’s why every stem we grow or import is harvested and handle with the utmost care. Because when it comes to beauty, there’s no room for compromise.

After growing and distributing flowers for ninety-two years, Mellano and Company knows the true value of flowers and the power of their beauty. For generations to come, we’ll be devoted to providing flowers cared for with genuine affection and respect. 

Mellano & Friends