Floats, Flowers and Fun


New Year’s Day 2018 was full of optimism and wonder as thousands of onlookers cheered while 44 floats, 20 equestrian units, and 21 marching bands paraded through sunny Pasadena. Rose Parade 2018 has ushered in the New Year! The Rose Parade has been an American tradition since 1890 and all of us at Mellano & Company are proud to say that for over 3 generations, we’ve been the largest flower provider for the Rose Parade.

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Each year the parade gets more expansive and we love the challenge that it brings. With 25 floats this year, we had a huge undertaking, as you can imagine how busy our schedule has been. We’ve been in constant communication with the float designers to ensure that we can provide all the flowers needed for their floats, putting our experience and knowledge to use while offering suggestions to enhance their creative concepts. Once the final decisions had been made, we received the designs for the floats and the mass orders of flowers that are required. We distribute our flowers and foliage to each float a week before the parade and by the end of December, all floats are ready to go. We were amazed at the diversity and beauty of what our flowers could bring to this year’s Parade. We’ll let the floats speak for themselves, check them out!

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Aside from the floats themselves and what you can create with them, the most important aspect of the Rose Parade is the floral look that supports the themes and motifs of a float. It's a great thing to see the finished product each year as they make their way down Colorado Blvd. For those of you who haven't witnessed the Rose Parade firsthand, it's quite a sight to see. For us, it's a chance to see the beautiful flowers that we've provided, in the spotlight. 


At Mellano & Company we are involved with many events all of which require our flowers of the highest quality, but nothing is really like the Rose Parade. Our involvement with this New Year’s tradition has been so important to our family-run business. For 3 generations, we’ve cherished each and every Rose Parade memory and can’t wait to continue the tradition with the next generation.

Happy New Year from all of us at Mellano!

Mellano & Friends