The Process of How We Care


Have you ever wondered how our flowers can stay so fresh? As soon as you receive your Mellano flowers, they’re exactly the way they were the day they were harvested. This is all thanks to our work of perfecting the art and science known as Cold Chain Management. Beautiful flowers don’t just happen. They take hard work: in the field, in the coolers, on the trucks, and onto the shelf. That’s why every stem we grow or import is harvested and handled with utmost care.


We want our customers to get the best possible product so they will be happy and keep coming back! We have spent years perfecting our process, and even today keep improving where we see fit. From growing down to our pickers, we are all one family at Mellano and take pride in producing the best product we can out of our farm in San Diego. 

After flowers have been cut, what causes them to age is when the plant tissue experiences a repeated series of cooling down and heating up. Most vendors have their flowers out on display and then return them back into the coolers. This dramatic change in temperatures does more harm than good and their flowers are getting older by the minute.

Mellano never breaks the cold chain process, resulting in the freshest flowers preserved the very way they were harvested. In bloom and radiant. It’s just one of the many ways of showing How We Care. Also, the facts that some of our workers have been with us for years and that we love growing the best product possible to share with people just go to show what we do at Mellano.

Here at Mellano & Company, we’re not just in the flower business. We're in the beauty business. That’s why every stem we grow or import is harvested and handled with utmost care. Because when it comes to beauty, there’s no room for compromise. The World's Finest Farm Grown Flowers

From our farms to you, we guarantee the freshest flowers and beauty without compromise.

Mellano & Friends