The Eye Catching Power of Myrtle


The art of flower arranging and floral design is like most forms of visual artistry. Line, texture, color, rhythm, contrast, and harmony are all evaluated as an arrangement takes shape. And yet, flower arranging is completely unique from other arts. Its medium is living. With all the variety of flowers, foliages, herbs, and other materials used in arranging, the possibilities are endless. Flowers may take the spotlight when it comes to a gorgeous bouquet but the supporting greens and foliage are the unsung heroes of flower arranging. And our favorite green right now happens to be myrtle.


Myrtle has a long and vibrant history. Considered sacred by the Greek pantheon and used for medicinal purposes across the world, myrtle has played many roles in culture. It’s even been distilled into a beverage! One tradition that has stood the test of time is that every royal bride has carried a sprig of myrtle in their bouquet. From Queen Victoria in 1840 to Kate Middleton in 2011, every bride of the crown has carried a gorgeous bouquet of myrtle. This lush woody shrub is commonly associated with love and marriage, so it makes sense to see myrtle in weddings. In fact, myrtle being a staple in royal weddings has brought about a resurgence in its popularity. Myrtle’s exotic flare is found in bouquets and flower arrangements year round.

The tall stems and lush leaves of myrtle could be brightening up your flower arrangement today. Mellano delivers these striking greens, fresh cut from our farm in Southern California. 


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Our fresh cut myrtle is ready to give your bouquets a dose of culture and beauty!

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