Heritage, Family and the Next Generation


In 1921 Giovanni Mellano saw an opportunity and pursued it. He simply wanted to do what he did best, grow fresh flowers of exceptional beauty. When he left his small mountain town in Italy for the lush fields of Southern California, little did he know how this decision would impact generations of Mellano’s to come.

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Mellano & Company was officially founded in 1925 with six acres and a passion to both grow flowers and grow as a company. Throughout the 20th century, Giovanni Mellano shared his farming techniques and passion for beauty with the next generations. By the 1960’s Mellano & Company had taken over management of the Los Angeles Flower Market. As the demand for Mellano grown flowers increased, the farms continued to expand. With a few acres here and a few there, by the time a third generation of Mellano’s took over operations, the farms had grown to over 375 acres. By perfecting the process of growing, harvesting, and shipping flowers, Mellano’s influence has been expansive. 

Mellano bouquets have been held by a countless number of brides on their wedding day. Mellano flowers have reverently honored the sacrifices of the heroes who fought for our freedoms. Mellano flowers have brought life and beauty to floats, parades and celebrations of all kinds. That’s Mellano’s heritage. 

Here at Mellano & Company, we’re not just in the flower business. We're in the beauty business. That’s why every stem we grow or import is harvested and handled with utmost care. Because when it comes to beauty, there’s no room for compromise. Our devotion to quality and delivery is what sets us apart in the floral industry... and is the legacy we hand down to each generation that works the field, the coolers, the trucks and our offices.

"It’s especially important to us that it’s not just about we as ‘Mellano’s’” says Mike A. Mellano, 3rd-generation flower farmer. “Our family extends all the way through our employees. It’s truly a family business in that regard. Top to bottom. Everybody in this company takes a huge amount of pride just as if they were family members by blood. We’re very proud to have that type of culture and it’s our hope that we can continue this for additional generations to come.”

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