Flowers and Weddings


Being the celebration of two hearts coming together, weddings are the most joyous times of one’s life. We love summer time, as it’s Wedding Season! Whether it be one’s own wedding or that of a friend, a loved one—this particular gathering most of the time includes crowds, food and of course flowers. Though the food and even the people present at weddings are significant, it is the flower arrangements within the gathering that hold the attention on the couple being united. 


The bride, though clothed in a lovely white gown, dare not walk down the aisle without her bouquet. This particular flower assortment is in fact a part of her beautiful attire. Flowers, put simply, go beyond complimenting the beauty that already exist in things; they perfect beauty itself. 

All in all: Flowers at weddings signify new life and growth as two individuals become one. There is a pure and rare beauty that is bred at weddings that cannot be found in any other part of life, and flowers take part in blossoming that very beauty. In the context of weddings, flowers signify a hopeful future that life will be beautiful and full of vibrant life for the newlyweds.

Even the groom himself most often wears on him a boutonniere consisting of the same flowers or colors, signifying union to his new bride. The groom’s boutonniere connects his attire to the brides. She carries a bouquet, he wears them as a minute, yet noteworthy accent to his clothing.

Mellano and Company is proud to help supply floral options for your wedding day. Get inspired and call us for your next wedding or event!  

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