The Beauty Beneath the Heat


As we settle into the heat of late summer, our popular spring roses pass from their main blooming season into a more dormant period. Mellano & Company specializes in a plethora of farm floral options that grow abundantly through the sunniest seasons and others that look beautiful year-round. 

Our wide selection ensures that you’ll find the perfect colors for any late-summer occasion. Here’s a look into just a few of these seasonal specialties you’ll find at Mellano: 

Acacia Foliage 

This shrub produces bright yellow flowers that shine brightly through any arrangement to lend some extra glow to your floral piece. They look their best from September through fall. 



This long branch with its thick green leaves starts to become popular around July. It’s another great addition to any flower-heavy arrangement with its forest-like texture. 



A versatile and boldly recognizable flower that marks the peak of summer, the sunflower comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues. You’ll be blown away by the stark difference in sunflower options, each with its own distinctly striking characteristic. 


Safari Sunset

The contrast of dark red and umber leaves with its greener parts make this shrub a rich and vivid element for floral arrangements. 


Silver Dollar Eucalyptus 

Bunching several of these large bluish-green leaves together lends a lushus element to any event or special occasion. These plants grow best in fully exposed sun, so they look great in the thick of summer. 



One of our signature, vibrant, American-grown flowers that we are able to supply year round. 
This flower has a long lifespan and comes in a variety of colors, making it versatile and a favorite for any decorating needs. 


At Mellano we’re dedicated to delivering amazingly beautiful floral items at all times of year, whether they are grown by us in the United States, or they are sourced fresh, from in-season blooms around the world. Contact us today and see how we can deliver the best flowers for your summer time needs.