Officially Bloom Check Certified!


Mellano & Company has been a leading producer in the floral industry for nearly 100 years, growing flowers and greens in our California fields. With a 375 acre farm in Oceanside, we are cold-chain compliant and recently achieved our BloomCheck certification. This is the gold standard for sustainably grown cut flowers and greens that can only be earned by the top floral farmers in the United States who meet their rigorous standards.

This certification assures both our wholesale flower buyers and retail consumers that the flowers they receive from Mellano and Company are grown to exacting standards. Operating within these sustainable practices protects the environment and sharpens focus throughout all farming operations to uphold best practices and quality assurance for our entire production chain.

We are honored to receive the BloomCheck certification which validates our efforts for sustainability in the areas of water, air and soil, as well as wildlife protection and social impacts within our community of workers.

“The engagement and communication with our employees and customers makes this an outward, publicly visible statement that we are committed and passionate about sustainability. BloomCheck puts us in a position to promote and communicate all the good things we’re doing as flower and greens farmers in California.” - Mike Mellano

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