Ranunculus! Our Symbol of Spring


For the past 30 years we’ve had the pleasure of ushering in Spring by watching our Ranunculus fields bloom to life in multi-colored beauty as the dreary setting of Winter fades away. After months of meticulous management and cultivation, it’s always enjoyable for us to watch as our diverse array of Ranunculus species finally reveals their true colors ― literally. Words will never do justice to viewing the waves of rose-like blossoms glistening from their glossy petals at the Carlsbad Flower Fields, which is why we annually welcome visitors to join us in soaking up these fruits of our labor. Every year Tourists from all over California and beyond, arrive to stroll through these sunny fields, taking in the aroma and hue of the millions of ranunculus flowers before they are shipped off to their new homes.


With such a diversity of species ranging from shades of white, pink, yellow, orange and red (to name a few) each color provides its own unique flair that can perfectly accent any special event or gift. Whites, for example, provide an immaculate backdrop to weddings, while reds exude a deeply romantic ambience to serve as the perfect gift for loved ones. Combining these colors in a beautiful bouquet is always a great way to show off the visual diversity and vivid pop of their textures, and is maybe our favorite visual representation of Spring. A bright and blooming Ranunculus is the symbol of Spring here at Mellano. We can’t think of a better flower that embodies the rebirth and warmness of the season, and we can’t wait to share these powerful treasures with the world. Whether you’re visiting us this Spring at the Flower Fields or ordering some of these seasonal favorites from our farms, we know they’ll lighten up your life as soon as you see them.

Mellano & Friends