Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color, color systems and leading technology for the selections and official communication of color across many industries. Just newly announced was the official Color of 2018: Violet! 


The gentle, yet bold presence of the color violet cannot be ignored in décor, fashion and nature. The unmistakably vivid color sprouts from the earth as if it was meant to stand out, as it conveys the beauty found within its rarity. Historically associated with royalty, this violet is vociferated majesty, respect and power. All while it stands for these regal symbols, it also emboldens a deep peace everywhere it touches. When intently placed, violet brings about a peaceful confidence in whatever form it is being utilized. 

In flowers, this color demands every viewers attention because it not only signifies a gentle strength, it also promises a lasting calm that is absent in our world today.  Any bouquet laced with a violet flower is irresistible to the eye. The bold color captivates and keeps the attention of the onlooker—especially in the modern day where originality, innovation and advancement are greatly attractive.

Violet signifies not only beauty in what we do, but it also signifies the immense pride we have in sharing that beauty and color through our products. We are excited to feature our vibrant violet flowers complimenting this years color. Keep a look out for our Spring Season products Freesia, Statice, Hydrangea, Allium, Stock, Larkspur, Iris, and Matsumoto Aster.

Mellano & Friends